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At the instant a circuit is connected, the current is at its maximum value, which is given by I = V/R. After that moment, the current decreases as the capacitor charges according to this equation:where Io is the initial current through the circuit.a. A capacitor (C = 10 μF) is in a series circuit with a resistor (R = 100 Ω). They are attached to a battery (V= 120 V). What is the initial current when the circuit is switched on? (2 points)b. What is the current through the circuit after 2 milliseconds? (2 points)c. What is the voltage across the resistor after 2 milliseconds? (2 points)d. Based on your answer to part (c), what must be the voltage across the capacitor after 2 milliseconds? (2 points)e. What is the charge on the capacitor after 2 milliseconds? (2 points)f. At what time will the current through the circuit have decreased by 95%? (1 point)


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