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I’m working on a risk management multi-part question and need support to help me learn.REQUIRED:undefinedIn considering the above information, you are required to produce an analytical report that helps your manager to (a) underwrite, (b) price and (c) redesign the reinsurance programme to make the treaties more effective to manage Limestreet’s risk exposures.undefinedIn the report you should address the following issues: undefinedAn analysis (pricing of the layers to the per risk excess of loss – determine an adjustable Minimum Deposit Premium and Catastrophe excess of loss) and assessment of the appropriateness and acceptability of the terms of this business proposition.(Assume the average delay in claim settlement for the liability claims is about three years). Given that the nature of the per risk excess of loss book has no territorial limit, suggest and justify the rationale behind the contractual conditions that you would like to put in place to make this business less risky and acceptable.
Given that the chance of exhausting the catastrophe cover is high:Evaluation and price an alternative top and drop cover for catastrophe losses up to a coverage amount of US$50,000,000 (size of the top and drop layer); Explore how you can use a collateralised insurance linked security in one of the territories to bridge the gap for the spill over layer that will give catastrophe cover of up to a limit of US$500 million.
An assessment of how implementing a 40% quota share with a limit US$100 million instead of the per risk excess of loss, alongside the catastrophe excess of loss structure similar to the one above will impact on the price and terms of the Catastrophe excess of loss treaty. (Assume that there is a per event accumulation limit of US$60 million on the Quota Share and that all the losses are incurred at 100%).
Also discuss how you can control the impact of inflation on the treaty pricing arising from liability claims.
Given the nature of the book, critically evaluate why it might be beneficial to arrange the excess of loss treaties by region or introduce a buffer excess of loss for certain problematic perils. In your answer provide historical statistical evidence on the main drivers of regional claims.
The Fukushima employers’ liability loss which has been outstanding since 2010 and was revised upwards from an initial claim of US$25 million. Using the loss development factors above evaluate and alternative risk financing instrument you would use to transfer the risk and determine the price which your company would pay for the transferred portfolio. undefined Requirements: 3000 words


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