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Please answer the following questions, each answer should be 150-250 words. Most of these questions are directly related to a specific source (film, article, book, etc.), I will attach them as necessary.
1. What is industrial agriculture? What environmental issues emerged due to the Cold War? How did attitudes toward the environment change between the 1980s and now? What influenced them then, and now? Why do we have dedicated seed banks? What problems might these banks have later on?
2. What is sprawl and how is it harmful? What are the accelerants of sprawl? How is traffic congestion not an environmental issue? How can we ‘cheaply’ make wide streets narrower? What is ‘traffic calming’? Give examples.
3. How does the concept of human security differ from that of national security? Where do they differ? Given what you have learned about our global demographic outlook, human security will need to be prioritized in order to secure the environment to the best of our abilities. What strategies might that include? Think of Scarred Lands (the film)
4. Thinking of the chapter 4 by Khan, how can we make city living more attractive and pleasant? Give 3 examples to improve your street and describe what these improvements would specifically encourage in human behaviors and resilience.
(See attached: Sadik-Khan 4)
5. According to Sand Wars (video, link copied at end of question), why is sand a hot commodity? Why is desert sand not useful? Why are islands disappearing? Why are beaches? What prevents sand from reaching beaches? What is key about sand that creates these problems today? How is the sand industry an example of the neo-liberal economy’s intensified exploitation of natural resources? What problems does this extraction cause or magnify? Who pays?
Sand Wars video:
6. Wyatt et al.’s article (2018) on corruption explains how trafficking occurs (bribery, patronage, diplomatic cover, permit abuse – know these). Explain them and provide an example of each. Which 3 relevant structures can be corrupt? Focusing on one of their 3 topics (ivory, reptile skins or exotic pets), explain the significant steps in which corruption can occur.
(See attached: Wyatt_2018)


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