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Please write a paper on theoretical explanations for domestic violence. The purpose of the paper is to exhibit the application of theory to domestic violence, force critical thinking, and to detail implications of relevant policy or policies. In this paper, you will need to critically analyze the application of (2) different theories as they relate to domestic violence. The scholarly sources will be required (sources are selected from recent within the last five years). Here is the details for instruction:
Source Requirements
Only scholarly, peer-reviewed sources (i.e., journal articles) will be accepted (both theoretical and empirical in nature) as official source material. Information from scholarly textbooks is permitted, but will not count as official source material
General Paper Structure: The structure of paper will include four main sections, plus references.
I. Introduction
1. Introduce specific topic to be analyzed
2. Provide any relevant historical information pertaining to the respective issue(s), and theories.
3. Thesis statement – The thesis statement should be a concise and declarative statement illustrating your assessment of the issue (i.e., what you have to say about your chosen topic, what is your position?)
4. Briefly describe your plan of action to analyze your chosen topic, and underscore your thesis (i.e., lay out a “road map” for the reader).
II. Literature Review (The following describes an integrated literature review)
1. Introduction to your literature review (expand on your “roadmap” statement)
2. Develop subtopics based on your paper topic (i.e., the two theories you plan to examine). Under each subtopic, provide an in depth analysis of your chosen topic, identified in the introduction, utilizing information garnered from scholarly sources, combined with your own original thoughts (i.e., critical analysis).
1. Summarize prior research
2. Critique prior research
3. Present pertinent conclusions (in brief) – more substantive conclusions will be addressed in Part III of your paper
4. Provide a summary (i.e., highlights from your literature review) that will naturally lead into your Policy Critique and Implications.
III. Theoretical Critique, Policy, and Implications
1. Summarize your assessment of the issue (i.e., chosen topic); the utility of existing theory and data. Reference back to substantive examples from your sources.
2. Based on your examination of domestic violence with respect to how well your chosen theories explain the phenomenon, what suggestions do you have to best address the issue? How could those suggestions be implemented? What are the implications of those suggestions?
IV. Future research needs


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