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You are a health professional working at a health fair. Review the questions that have been posted by the “Group 1 attendees. Choose at least one disease-related question that was posted to the Discussion by a Group 1 attendee to research. Provide at least one Group 1 attendee with useful information about the disease that they asked about. Some things you may consider as you discuss this topic with the Group 1 attendee: What are the best data sources to use for your own understanding of the topic, so that you can answer questions correctly? What are the best data sources to direct your Group 1 attendee to for their own understanding? Did you answer all of their questions clearly and accurately? As you present the information regarding the disease process, keep your audience in mind to ensure your explanation is clear, accurate, and helpful. Your goal is to evaluate the sources available to answer your Group 1 colleagues’ questions, interpret the data, and provide clear and accurate information that you can validate.
(Please respond to this post below with following the directions above)
My name is Connie. I am a 30-year-old lady seeking advice about control for my type 2 diabetes disease. I am particularly concerned about disease management.
I was diagnosed with this chronic disorder five years ago, and I have been watching my diet and taking my Metformin medication as prescribed by my physician. I would like to understand diabetes better and how best can I manage the disease and live problem-free?
How often should I check my blood sugar levels, and what are my goals regarding blood sugar levels? What are the warning signs that my blood sugar levels are too high? What do I do when my blood sugar levels are too high? What are the signs that my blood sugar levels are low, and what can be done to control the situation?
How can I change my diet to live a healthy life? Will, I always need insulin, and how can I tell that these medications are the best for me?
Finally, I would like to know the long-term complications of diabetes and how I can manage these complications?
Getting answers to these questions would help me address all my fears.
Thank you for your time and patience.


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