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• In the first part of the assignment, use the questions below to gather the evidence about their experiences with the system. Use probing questions, asking for examples to support perceptions, to draw out a complete nuanced picture of the clinician’s experience. • In the second part, discuss your learnings from the interview. Were the person’s experiences consistent with what you have found in the literature? Did anything surprise you? • Your summary should be no more than 4 pages, excluding the title and reference page. Please submit your work under assignment on Blackboard. Interview Questions/Topics for Discussion (Please include all) 1. What is the information system that you would like to discuss? 2. What is the purpose of the system? For what purpose was is designed? Describe the clinician’s insight into the initiatives guiding this technology. 3. Do you know how the decision was made to implement this technology and were end users included in the decision? 4. How usable is the system for supporting patient care activities? Is the system screen readable and the display logical? Does it interface with other systems? Is the system easy to use and are there any ergonomic concerns? 5. How is the system used in patient care? What is the workflow for the nurse? Is the system workflow consistent with the nurse’s patient care workflow? 6. Does the system use any clinical decision support for the clinicians? Do you find this support helpful or disruptive? 7. Does the system introduce any risks to the patient? Is there the potential for workarounds, and if so, why would these workarounds occur? What interventions could be implemented to decrease errors and work arounds? 8. How easy is it for you to access data and information from the system? 9. Can data be extracted from the system, and, if so, how reliable and consistent is the data? 10. Are there any legal or ethical implications presented by the system? What can be done to minimize these risks?


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