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#1Assume you could run any kind of regression that you want. Which regression equation would you run. What would be your dependent variable and what would be your independent variables. Think outside the box. This could be anything you want. For instance, and do not use this item, I would like to be able to run a regression to be able to predict housing prices. This way, I would know if this is a good time to put my house on the market. My independent variables would be houses currently on the market, current housing permits, age of the residents within the region and perhaps age of the houses in the region. Again, this could be anything you want. Think outside the box. Also, state why you would want this information. #2 As I continue my college education and become closer to graduation I have always wondered will my advanced degree and new income that comes with having an advanced degree will increase my happiness. While having an advanced degree will increase my income, I wonder if it will increase my overall happiness. Although I am a firm believer that money can’t buy happiness, others may beg to differ. As we still face trying times during the pandemic and suffering from the effects of hurricanes some people may have lost it all which has forced them to reevaluate priorities in life. A linear regression shows the relationship between two variables a independent variable and a dependent variable. The independent variable is represented by X and the dependent variable is represented by Y once a relationship is determined it allows you to make better predictions and forecast. The overall purpose of regression is to examine two ideas, predict trends in future values, and show the effects that independent variable has on the dependent variable.If I could run a regression of any kind it would be the relationship between income and happiness. Using a simple linear regression to determine if my independent variable being income and my dependent variable being happiness have a relationship. The reason for wanting this information is simply to determine if feeling of value and happiness based on income also to see if this information enhances a persons economic motivation and drive. The feeling of value as it relates to happiness can be arguably attached to income and with this information one can possibly make certain predictions concerning life, family, and personal values.


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