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topicIdentifying A Problem1. Problem #1: Peer pressure influences gang behavior Solution: Instead of peer pressure leading to gang behavior develop more programs they can be involved in, workshops, more sports programs, developing more work programs, and more educational programs. The ATV’s that are on the streets in the DMV are ridden in gangs, instead of trying to catch them to fine them or jail them, why not develop a place where these ATV’s can be ridden at and charge tax dollars and they will be off the street where it is safe for our communities. Many of them are not educated.Post 1-2 problems you’d like to investigate for your Proposal: Be sure that the problems are not too broad. For example, you won’t be able to solve world hunger or cure cancer in your proposal. However, you could focus on homelessness or hunger here in PG County, or the D.C. area. Your proposal must include media in some way, but don’t worry too much about that now: many students choose topics not related to the media at this point, and then start to incorporate media into their solution next week.Do some research on the problem(s). Post MLA-citations for three secondary sources (one popular, one academic), and explain what you learned from each of these sources. After reading your post, the class should agree that the problem is a problem. Consider including important statistics, facts, or stories you found in your research. Remember: you need to include current/previous solutions in your essay, so you may want to look into some now.In this week’s responses, give your peers feedback on their topic and research. Don’t simply say “I like this” or “sounds good.” Instead, explain why you like it: is it exigent? Do you have experience with the topic? Also try to help your peers narrow down their topic if it’s too broad, or come up with additional sources if you know of anyStart to craft a “solution” to your problem: Provide a thesis statement that contains ACTOR + ACTION + GOAL. For example, you might say, “PGCC [ACTOR] should build a parking app [ACTION] to help reduce incidents and overcrowding in the school parking lot [GOAL].”Consider feasibility concerns and objections to your solution. List any feasibility issues you’ll have to address, such as cost, time, people, etc. Try to respond to these issues, using sources as needed. For example, for a PGCC parking app, how much do you think this app would cost? You can do some research on app costs. How will the app be paid for? Parking passes are currently free, but maybe you could have students and staff pay $20 for a parking pass for the year. Who will produce this app? Maybe you can do some research on classes here at the college that might be able to build the app as a project. You want to provide this research for us, so it’s clear you’ve thought about your solution.In this week’s responses, give your peers feedback on their solution. Don’t simply say “I like this” or “sounds good.” Instead, point out any other feasibility issues you think of. If you have any idea for how they could make their solution even better, help them out. If you know of any good sources that might help, provide those sources.


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