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Ethical Codes and Standards
There are many different professional or public service positions. You are probably taking this class because you currently work or intend to work in a profession and/or in the public sector. This sharing practical knowledge report will begin to explore the ethical codes and standards that apply to your current or future profession or public sector job. While there are some ethical codes and standards that are particular or unique for a given profession or position, many ethical codes and standards are similar across different professional contexts. The reason for this similarity in ethical standards is that many professionals or public servants encounter similar ethical issues, such as how to deal with sensitive or confidential information.
For this assignment, we’ll consider the following topics:
Confidentiality: What are the rules for dealing with sensitive or confidential information?
Sexual harassment/relationships: What are the workplace rules on sexual harassment or inter-office relationships?
Conflict of interests/bribes: What are the rules concerning conflict of interests or the acceptance of gifts/bribes?
Discrimination: What are the rules that apply to your profession concerning the treatment of different members of the public?
Full credit for this sharing practical knowledge report requires completion of parts 1 and 2.
Part 1
For part 1 of this sharing practical knowledge report, you should do the following:
Research the relevant laws, regulations, codes, or standards that apply to your profession or public service position (you can focus on one rule and one aspect of the topic). You may find that your occupation is highly regulated and has overlapping sets of rules. If you are undecided about your career, you can choose any career for this assignment.
Choose one of the topics above and find the specific provision addressing that topic.
Write a post that identifies the topic and the specific provision that applies to your topic, and any observations that you have. The specific provision should include a citation to the provision (e.g., law, regulation, professional code, agency policy, etc.) and/or a link to the website where this information is available. Your observations may include responses to questions, such as did you learn something new through your research, is the rule adequate to address the topic, do you foresee challenges in applying the rule, was there anything interesting or unusual about the rule that applies to your chosen career? While you are not expected to be experts, these posts should give you an opportunity to research the professional standards that apply to your chosen career and provide some information for comparison. Keep your post under 250 words.
Part 2
For part 2, you should comment on at least one of your peers’ posts. If you need guidance on leaving a comment, consider one of these questions. How do the ethical standards for your classmates’ profession compare with what you think should be the rule on that topic for that profession? How do the ethical standards for your classmates’ profession compare with the standards for your profession? Did you learn anything new from your classmates’ post? If you are planning to enter the same career, did your research lead you to different rules or results?


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