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Part 1:
Processes for Stakeholder Management [WLO: 1] [CLOs: 1, 2] Your textbook describes four processes in stakeholder management:
identifying stakeholders
planning stakeholder management
managing stakeholder engagement
controlling stakeholder engagement
Consider a project that you have been a part of, that you are aware of or one that you can research in which one of these four processes was neglected to the detriment of the project. Describe the situation, including specifically what was neglected and why you think it was neglected. Then, provide some ideas as to how the process could have been better.
Part 2:
Final Project: Selecting and Organizing a Project
[WLO: 2] [CLOs: 1, 2] The senior management team has solicited your input on a project decision. They are trying to decide between two different projects that will need to be completed at the same time. The projects are discussed below:
Project 1: Kansas Data Center
MOTU INC. needs a new data center constructed and has selected some land they already own in Kansas.  The land had previously been used as a chemical manufacturing facility. It is estimated that you have a 30% chance of winning the bid on this project, however, before you can submit a bid you have to survey the land and propose system architecture for the facility. You anticipate that these activities will cost about $70,000. If the project goes well, your company will make a $250,000 profit.
Project 2: Florida Data Center
Remle and Company want to build a data center in Florida on previously undeveloped land near the Everglades. You anticipate a 20% chance of winning this project and realizing a $175,000 profit.  A land survey and system design plan will cost about $60,000.
Either project would use the same personnel from your company: 
Brad Jones: Architect in charge of facility design
Jason King: Enterprise architect who will design the IT systems
George Clipper: Network specialist who will design the networks for either facility 
Lisa Carson and Dennis Albert: Project sponsors who sit on your company’s corporate board
It is rumored that Lisa wants the Florida project (Project 2) to move forward and that she owns some of the proposed lands the project will use. Dennis, on the other hand, plays golf with the owner of MOTU INC. on occasion and thinks the Kansas project (Project 1) should move forward. 
Select which project should move forward based on the EMV results and details above. Explain your rationale and methodology for the selection, showing your work to support your decision.
Support your explanation with at least 2 scholarly sources, in addition to the text.
Your explanation should be 250-500 words.
Build a communications plan for the selected project, addressing each of the following (refer to Table 10-1 for an example):
Stakeholders: Stakeholders who should be included in project communications
Document Name: Information to be communicated (e.g., content, and level of detail)
Document Format: How information will be delivered (e.g., meetings, hard copy, email)
Contact Person: The individual or individuals who should be contacted in escalation procedures.
Due: Frequency (e.g., Every Monday) and/or deadline of communication (e.g., June 1).
Create a risk register for the selected project containing at least 5 risks and mitigation strategies (refer to Table 11-5 for an example)
Create a stakeholder register for the selected project and power interest grid (refer to Table 13-1 and Table 13-2 for examples)


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