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Please note that this is just a preview of a school assignment posted on our website by one of our clients. If you need assistance with this question too, please click on the Order button at the bottom of the page to get started.

I’ll start off by saying that I will provide all P.P.s down below if you want anything answered that I may have missed in the requirements. This is a research paper over serial killers, but the main point of the essay is to determine if Macbeth is a serial killer. This will make sense once you read the P.P.s and word documents. What is (or may be) required:
-Font size: 12
-Times New Roman
-Citations have to be on another paper
-The paper format is MLA, but the CITATIONS ARE AMA format.
-To have read Macbeth by Shakespeare
-THERE IS NO REQUIRED PAGE COUNT. I did put 3, but I am not sure if that will enough, especially since one page is dedicated to the sources cited, which is 12. I did put the minimum for the paper requirements.
-12 sources cited (specific)
-Researchers/Organizations: 5
-History/Background info: 2-3
-(4) Serial Killers – (2-3 each) 8-12 minimum total
The serial killers I chose by date
-Giles de Rais
-Albert Fish
-Charles Manson
-Zhang Yongming
Paragraph order (by teacher):
“Paragraph 2 – Background on the study of serial killers
Paragraph 3 – Professionals/Organizations who study serial killers
(Either Paragraph 2 or 3 – include the criteria of a serial killer as well as events that can cause someone to become a serial killer)
Paragraph 4 – Serial killer #1
Paragraph 5 – Serial Killer #2
Paragraph 6 – Serial Killer #3
Paragraph 7 – Serial Killer #4
Paragraph 8 – Background on Macbeth
Paragraph 9 – Deduction – Is Macbeth a serial killer and info on why
Here are some things mentioned in the PowerPoint that may help at varying points of the paper:
-“The purpose of your research paper is to determine whether or not Macbeth is a serial killer. (Yes, there is a correct answer) Your thesis statement should reflect your deduction.”
-refer to serial killers as a collective in this part of your paper, not referencing each one individually. Same with the professionals who study and analyze them!​
***AS for the serial killer paragraphs #1-4, basically what is required in these paragraphs are the life stories of each and what makes them a serial killer. There has to be factual evidence with a brief description of what they have done and where they have done it.
**This entire essay again, is to determine whether or not Macbeth is a serial killer.
If there are any questions you have, I’m hoping you can message back through this website throughout the week. I am in Central time (Chicago), but I’ll provide my email in case:
I send my best regards and much appreciation for your efforts. Thank you.


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