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I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.Remember you are to complete the question/activity but also comment on a peer’s post to receive full credit. INSTRUCTIONSAfter reading chapter 4 complete the following questions and activity.Have you heard about the Ennegram? It is my new obsession and I think it is SO valuable within our relationships and interactions with others. There are many different tests that you can take to determine what number you are, to start I recommend the ennergram test by Riso-Hudson. There is a shorter test that is free that I want you to take, if you would like you can pay to take the full test but that is not necessary.Follow the link to take the test and then please answer the following questions. 1. Take the test… Answer the following- What number/numbers did you score? What do they mean? Do you feel that those are accurate, why or why not? How do you think knowing this can impact your relationships with others- family, romantic, friendships, work, etc. 3.Only if interested, have your partner or the important people in your life also take the test. How did they score? How might knowing your numbers impact how you communicate and interact? There is so much great information out there- books, websites, podcasts…. if you are interested in knowing more don’t hesitate to ask! -Write a reply for this post:I scored highest as type 1 and 8. Type 1 is the rational, idealistic type, and type 8 is the powerful agressive type. I feel like these both describe me, but I’d identify more with type 1. I relate with type 1 because I’m resonable, responsible, and dedicated in everything I do. I’m also usually hard on myself because I’m trying to be the best I can. I also relate with type 8 because I stand up for myself and others I care about. At times when I’m upset I like to be alone as well so this is very accurate. Knowing this information would impact in a positive way because it’ll allow my relationships to grow stronger because people would know how i act and why I do it. Requirements: 1 paragraph for each part


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