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I’m working on a writing project and need guidance to help me study.This project asks you to trace a specific event that contains a real-world equity-based problem and to use writing in a way that allows you to grapple with the complexity of this problem.First, identify a real-world event in which equity is a concernSecond, you will sift through information, research and explore how this equity event was covered in social media and on the news, that is, what was written about this event.You will consider the accessibility, credibility, and stability of the messages, information, and knowledge that spiral out from an event in the hours, days, weeks, months, years, and perhaps decades following that event.Third, you will compose an exploratory essay to trace this event and the information that cycles in, around, and through it. You will use your writing to attempt to arrive at knowledge about the equity-based concern and the event that encapsulates it.You will try to capture the movement of the event and the information about the event in your essay. You will also try to craft your writing so that your essay follows the timing of the event and the equity-based concern it involves. You will NOT be taking a position on this event. In this exploratory essay, you should simply explore the equity event. You should be concerned with the who, what, where, when, why and how of the event you’ll be working on this project in a process over 3 steps. In the first step of the project cycle, you’ll pick an equity event in our discussion, and you’ll think about your own definition of equity. Next, you’ll work on researching your selected equity event.The second step of the project cycle, you’ll compose a short rough draft. Then you’ll do peer review on that short rough draft and then you’ll work on revising and expanding that short rough draft into a longer rough draft for the Eli Review cycle in the third week of the project cycle.Structuring Your EssayA possible essay structure you could use would be:-introduce the equity event (tell readers when and where it occurred)- explore how the events unfolded-go through a list of the facts of what happened-discuss who was involved in the event-explore several (3-4) pieces of researched writing on this event (social media posts, news coverage, etc.-examine how the event ended, if it’s still being covered/talked about today in the news or on social mediaFormatting RequirementsYour exploratory essay should be a minimum of 4 full pages (double spaced) and should be in APA format (title page, in-text citations, references page): on the references page should be cited according to APA standards: final essay should be set in 12-point Times New Roman font on 1-inch margins. Please use Word or if you use Google Docs, download and save as a Word file.This project will be graded on how well the:Essay explores a range of found messages (social media or news coverage)—each with its own unique degree of accessibility, credibility, and stability—focused on a single equity event
Essay employs an organizational pattern that effectively captures movement
Essay evaluates found messages (social media or news coverage) to discover knowledge
Writing stylistically establishes the writer’s metaphorical voice
Introduction balances competing purposes of opening paragraphs
Sentences match topical subjects and grammatical subjects
Sentences use verb tense to follow time consistently (Chapter 11)
RubricAPA format used properly: title page, in-text citations, references page
Use of a variety of researched sources: social media posts, news coverage, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc.
Specificity of Essay Topic: writes on a specific equity event
Content: explores equity event without giving an opinion or arguing a position
Writing: Writing is clear and fluid
Mechanics: Spelling and grammar used properly
Length: paper meets requirement of 4 double-spaced pages
AudienceThe audience for this piece of writing is your classmates, many of whom have not had the opportunity to explore the equity-based issue upon which you have focused.Project Note:In thinking about a topic for this Equity Event Essay, it is important that you first read the textbook chapter that goes along with this assignment. Then you want to think about themes that help you reflect on possible real-world equity-based problems. You must pick a specific event to trace for project 3, the Equity Event Exploratory Essay.Below is a list of some general equity themes and some possible specific equity events you could use for your topic for project 3.Whatever theme you pick, you’d need to find a very specific real life example event to use and trace for this assignment.So, for example, if you wanted to look at equity in higher education, you would need to search for an article on a real-life event that involved a person who didn’t get fair access to higher education. Equity in access to higher education (low income, lack of education, cost, etc.)
Equity in genders (men making more money than women)
Equity in GLBTQ rights (lack of access to health care, job discrimination, etc.)
Equity in adoption cases/surrogacy cases (rights of mothers)
Equity in police brutality (Trayvon Martin, George Floyd)
Equity in standardized testing (students who are smart but don’t test well)
Equity in access with online learning (low income families, access to internet and computers)
Equity in children vs. adults (human trafficking, child pornography)
Equity in voting (mail in voting, discrimination in voting, access to voting)
Equity in grandparent rights (ability to see children without parent approval)
Equity of school dress codes (should students have dress codes or uniforms)
Some specific events (topics you could use for project 3):Flint water crisis
Rosa Parks (bus incident)
Larry Nassar Gymnastics case
Title IX law of 1972
Women’s suffrage movement 1920
George Floyd
Breonna Taylor
Lori Laughlin college admissions scandal
Requirements: 4 pages


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