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IMPORTANT!!!! My first name starts with a “J”. So the location you choose to write about must begin with a J! Instructions: Assignment (25% of your course grade) First, please pick a city or town on earth that has the same first letter as your FIRST name (Example: my FIRST name is Wes, so I could pick a city such as Winterthur). If you are having difficulty finding one for any reason, please contact a TA for assistance. Submission requirements (in Owl only): a) A one-page fact sheet (.pdf or .doc attachment); b) A 750-word (maximum) essay (in the OWL text box only!). References and the fact sheet do not count toward your word limit. Your essay references should appear last in the OWL text box. Any accepted format is appropriate. No title page. Goals: To understand and describe a single city in the context of tourism ‘places’, ‘culture’, ‘icons’ and ‘ambiance’; To consider ‘Butler’s Model’ in relation to this place, in real or hypothetical terms; To put this discussion in the context of material presented in the first four weeks of lectures and readings; To expand on the ideas presented so far in this course with at least one further reading (or readings) uncovered on your own, in relation to your selected city, in any section of the work below. Preparation and Resources: Review the first four weeks of lectures and the associated readings with this assignment in mind; Search in the Western Library System for at least one article that relates to your city, or any of the concepts presented in this course (and reference it using any accepted reference format); Search online for information about your city for a one-page tourism fact sheet, and to support your other arguments (and provide references). Steps: One page ‘tourism fact sheet’ (attached .pdf or .doc in OWL): Prepare a one page .pdf or .doc fact sheet about your selected city, including pictures, one brief paragraph describing the city and its history, and the following in point form or bullets: *Location on earth; *population; *possible tourism draws (museums, amusement parks, natural areas, etc.). Please provide references for the images and information directly on the fact sheet. IMPORTANT! PLEASE USE THE BOLD UNDERLINED HEADINGS BELOW IN YOUR OWL TEXT BOX SUBMISSION! 750 words maximum in total for Parts 1, 2 and 3 combined. Part 1 – Place and Culture: Discuss briefly (one paragraph) the concepts of ‘place’ and ‘culture’ in relation to your selected city, drawing on ideas from the *Smith article* (approximately 150 words – guideline only); Part 2 – Icons and Ambiance: Discuss briefly (one paragraph) your city in the context of the *Gravari-Barbas article* – What makes your city look like itself (much as we discussed what makes Paris look like Paris). Consider any big, iconic places and structures in the city, as well as the general ambiance (approximately 150 words – guideline only); Part 3 – The Butler Model: Discuss the Butler Model (presented in the Lecture 4 slides) in relation to your chosen place. Describe how this place MIGHT go through the five stages (please use *bold headings* for each stage) – describe what changes MIGHT happen to that place at each stage. Give specific examples of what might happen, hypothetically, if this place were to promote itself as a resort town. This does not have to be what really does or will happen, just your own ideas. Fold in other concepts from that lecture where appropriate to your discussion (approximately 450 words – guideline only);


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