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Learning Activity W6
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General Instructions for Learning Activities
Read/watch all assigned materials listed for the week in Course Content. Use only the assigned materials in writing your Learning Activities; do not use resources from the internet for this week’s assignments.
Submit to the Assignment Folder.
Learning Activity: Due 11:59 pm ET, Saturday
Facts: Attorney Lillian Liberty wants to expand the firm’s sports law practice, and is very pleased to have a new client, Dwayne Simpson, a waterpolo player. Liberty wants you to assist with Simpson’s concerns about his new player contract.
Simpson was recently drafted by the Baltimore Pool Ponys and is beginning his first contract negotiations with the team. Dwayne has specific concerns and questions about the negotiations and possible terms to include in the contract.
Instructions: Research and analyze contract law relevant to Simpson’s questions. Prepare informal summary notes to which you can refer in a meeting with Liberty and Simpson. Analyze and explain each of Simpson’s questions:
1. If his new player contract is “for six years,” must it be in writing to be enforceable? Explain your answer.
2. If his new contract is “for as long as Dwayne Simpson can play water polo,” must it be in writing to be enforceable? Explain your answer.
3. If the new contract is “for five years, but if Dwayne Simpson is injured, the contract is terminated,” must it be in writing to be enforceable? Explain your answer. Summary Notes Format
Write summary notes in paragraph format.
Label each question/explanation, i.e., 1.,2., 3.
Write in correct, complete sentences in paragraph format.e.
Use Arial or Times Roman, size 12 font.
Due Date
Feb 20, 2021 11:59 PM
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Rubric Name: 340 Rubric for Weekly Learning Activities – 5 pts each – Spring 2020
This table lists criteria and criteria group name in the first column. The first row lists level names and includes scores if the rubric uses a numeric scoring method.
Criteria Equivalent to an A
Equivalent to a B
Equivalent to a C
Equivalent to a D – F
Criterion Score
Learning Activity Analysis
3 points
Demonstrates critical analysis, depth of analysis, comprehensive development of concepts, issues, and their application to facts; shows evidence of having read course materials and insight into concepts. 2.7 – 3.0
2.4 points
Demonstrates generally superior critical analysis, and evidence of having read course materials and insight into concepts, but some additional development and more comprehensive analysis of concepts, issues, and their application to facts is needed.
2.4 – 2.67
2.1 points
Demonstrates some to basic evidence of critical analysis and insight into concepts and application to facts; analysis is largely superficial in one/more areas and sufficient only to complete learning activity with little evidence of depth of insight and/or support for conclusions. 2.1 – 2.37
1.8 points
Does not meet minimal requirements for assignment; inferior in most or all areas
0 – 1.8
/ 3
Writing Clarity & Mechanics
0.5 points
Demonstrates clear, organized, specific comments presented in an easy to read style that is free of grammatical, spelling, and mechanical errors.
.45 – .50
0.4 points
Demonstrates generally clear, organized, specific comments with minor errors in grammar, and/or spelling, and or mechanics.
.40 – .445
0.35 points
Demonstrates generally satisfactory clear, specific comments with errors in grammar, and/or spelling, and/or mechanics.
.35 – .395
0.345 points
Presentation lacks organization, clarity, accuracy with little to no evidence of proofreading or attempt at applying conventional writing mechanics
0 – .345
/ 0.5
1 point
Posts contain the appropriate number and properly formatted citations; no errors are present.
.90 – 1.0
0.89 points
Attempts citations but errors in formatting exist and/or citations are missing where warranted.
.80 – .89
0.79 points
Some effort is shown to identify the source and/or citation formatting is inaccurate; numerous errors are present.
.70 – .79
0.69 points
No evidence of citations
0 – .69
/ 1
Adheres to Instructions
0.5 points
Fully follows instructions, attempts all required parts of learning activity.
.45 – .50
0.4 points
Follows most, but not all, instructions, and/or attempts most, but not all, required parts of learning activity.
.40 – .445
0.35 points
Fails to follow instructions, and/or complete required parts of learning activity, BUT provides a fundamentally sound response to the assignment
.35 – .395
0.345 points
Fails to follow most or all instructions, and/or fails to attempt most or all required parts of learning activity
0 – .345
/ 0.5


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