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Look carefully at the essay writing guidelines as described in your syllabus. Be sure to follow the requirements of at least minimum length (100 or more legitimate lines), font style (Times New Roman), size (12), proper margins, avoidance of “fluff,” and so forth. A) How does the process of “transduction” apply to the human senses? Give a brief description of the science of at least two of the five senses; that is, seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, and touching. For each of these two senses carefully explain the difference between what (apparently) is in the “external world”* (the world outside of our bodies, such as a falling tree) and then what the process of human transduction makes out of that external world reality (such as the sound we experience—our “internal world” event). If (and only if) you want to, you can use the same external world reality (thing or event) to talk about more than one of our senses. B) In light of what you have just talked about in A), discuss the significance of each of the three Julian Baggini thought experiments. The first one is “Sense and sensibility,” and although it is fanciful science fiction, what does it say about the relationship between the environment and the experiencer, even for us? The second one is “The eyes have it,” and apart from this amazing future technology, actually is our reality. The third one is “The beetle in the box.” (Baggini is using the boys Ludwig and Bertie as stand-ins for the great 20th-Century philosophers Ludwig Wittgenstein and one of his teachers, Bertrand Russell). This is also true of us, and is consistent with “The eyes have it” in that no one of us can ever compare an experience (such as seeing red) with anyone else’s experience. C) Upon completing both parts A and B above, what do you conclude about the the reality of our world, and what we might know about it? What else of interest did you find in any of the readings?


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