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Please read and respond to students posts in the 1st person- simply give your opinion to their posts
the original question was this- Think of a time where impression management was used, either in your personal life or an instance you are familiar with. Why was it important that impression management was needed in that instance? What might have happened if impression management wasn’t used effectively? 
Student responses- answer all three with a short response
2 posts
Re: Topic 5 DQ 1
Recently, as a teacher, I was introduced to a new student and their mother via Zoom. These days, our relationships are often initiated and maintained in online environments long before we meet someone in person. Impression management is both a conscious and subconscious process in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of others by portraying themselves in a manner that creates a good impression. The meeting ended up being very productive because we each were willing to share personal experiences that helped us to understand how much we have in common in regards to children and education. This ‘fostering the sharing of self-awareness’ helped us develop a connection. Additionally, the buy-in of the parent was emotional because we had relatable experiences. “An emotional message style is another form of symbolically oriented communication (Cornelissen, 2017; p. 118).” While I feel that I did use effective impression management, if I had not done so, the following could have occurred. I may have lost a level of respect and trust that would have proven difficult to regain. Also, I could have been perceived as negative, which could have portrayed an image that many would find difficult to work with. There is a wealth of research that supports the importance of a positive attitude when making a good impression. Leaders who are optimistic and display positive attributes are rated as more far effective by their followers. Cornelissen, J. (2017). Corporate communication: A guide to theory and practice,5th ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Press. ISBN-13: 9781473953703
2 posts
Re: Topic 5 DQ 1
When I became the chairman of my rugby club, I had to present a confident, fair, and masculine man.  Rugby players are some of the most athletic, physically strong, and have a type A personality.  When your the chairman of sixty-five of them, you have to do make your persona that much more.  I basically new that I had to appeal to there emotional side about team work.  Cornelissen states “If stakeholders perceive references to emotions to be inauthentic, an emotional message style may backfire” (cornelissen, 2017, pg 118).  It was important to portray that impression to bring everyone together, to become a leader of leaders.  If I didn’t portray the leadership qualities than I wouldn’t have the respect of the men and they wouldn’t follow me.  The impression of leadership is very important, If you can’t pursaude the group, then you will have others people trying to become the leader or have a bunch of individuals going 65 different directions.  By finding out what leadership style appeals to the players you can fine tune your impression management to include the different styles. Cornelissen, J. (2017). Corporate communication: A guide to theory and practice,5th ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Press.
question 2- How has technology forced us to reevaluate who the company’s external stakeholders are? 
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Re: Topic 5 DQ 2
If it wasn’t for technology the covid pandemic would of put economies and businesses in a deeper hole than we are now.  Technology has allowed companies big and small to expand past the levels that were impossible twenty years ago.  Technology has also forced us to reevaluate who we see as stakeholders.  From remote working expanding workforces, to social media branding that can cross into multiple platforms. Stakeholders can be anyone thanks to improvement in technologies. Cornelissen states that “Indeed, with access to e-mail, blogs and social networking sites for sharing corporate information, many employees become corporate communicators themselves” (cornelissen, 2017 pg 37).  A business that does not utilize latests technologies are bound to be left behind.  Cornelissen, J. (2017). Corporate communication: A guide to theory and practice,5th ed. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Press.
Please respond to all three with your opinion for each student post


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