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Refer to chapter section 18.1, Economic Systems, and the “Economic Systems & The Labor Market: Crash Course Sociology” video to help you respond to the following: In your own words and in a least 5 sentences, correctly describe capitalism and socialism. In your descriptions, include the pros and cons of each economic system. This is not a discussion assignment. Part 1 Provide paragraph-long and thorough responses for each question below in your own words. Include applicable information from the textbook or other academic sources (including films/videos) to support your explained ideas. Do not use direct quotes to respond to the questions, explain in your own words. Include in-text citation(s) after any referenced support and full references for any additional academic sources used outside of our textbook: Refer to section 20.1, Demography and Population, and possibly the TED Talk video, “The Disarming Case to Act Right Now on Climate Change” to help you respond to the following: Malthusian theory, zero population growth, cornucopian theory, and demographic transition theory are four theories about population. Respond to the following in at least four sentences: 1. Which of the four theories stated above do you think provides the most important ideas regarding population for today? Explain why you think so. Make sure to first explain the theory in your own words, and then include detailed reasons and/or real examples to support the theory you chose. Make sure to address all of the above for item #1. (5 points) Refer to section 20.3, The Environment and Society, and the “Environmental Racism” video to respond to the following: Respond to the following in at least four sentences: 2. In your own words explain what is environmental racism. Provide at least one current example of environmental racism that you know of and that was not mentioned in our textbook. Describe an effective way we as citizens can help eliminate this type of racism? Make sure to address all of the above for item #2. (5 points)


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