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This is yet another influential theoretical framework – based on the notion of “information processing”. Please focus on the various cognitive and meta-cognitive strategies of “information processing” and learning – roughly the second half of Ch.7. Note that underlying all effective strategies described in the Chapter is the discovery of implicit regularities and connections within the studied material, and of connections between this material and other subject areas, as well as students’ previous knowledge and experiences. In other words, those strategies are based on making sense of the learned materials and concepts. Reflections and comments are due October 13. I feel I need to clarify again the assignment concerning your reflections on the readings. So here it is, in a somewhat specified form, what you need to do in your reflections: Select an idea/concept/strategy (or several interrelated ideas) in the assigned reading(s) that, in your view, is the most important one and that can be implemented in classroom teaching, and explain in your own words why you think this idea or strategy is important for teachers. Give a specific example of such implementation – describe how you would incorporate this idea/strategy in your classroom while teaching something in particular. Briefly discuss the benefits of implementing this idea/strategy for students’ learning and their psychological development. Do not include summaries of the readings or lists of the main topics in it. Instead, begin from and articulate your opinion about the most important ideas/strategies in a given reading. Your reflections need to show your thinking about the issues and engagement with the material. Try to be as specific as possible in explaining the relevance of the selected idea or strategy. Your example of implementation of an idea/strategy must be at least half of the total length of your reflection. Brief mentioning in one or two sentences is not enough. The example must include a description of what in particular is being taught and how. Description in general terms does not count as a specific example. For instance, just saying “I will use different forms of group work and hands-on activities” is not specific enough. You need to explain what those groups will be doing and how. And what you as a teacher will be doing. Imagine you are in a real classroom and you want to teach something in particular while using the idea or strategy you liked. How would you do it? What would you ask your students to do?


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