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WRITER YOU TASK IS ANSWER THESE QUESTION. FROM THE BOOK CALLED Malcom X. A life of Reintervention the author is Manning Marable. Please follow the instructions
1. How, where, and under what circumstances did Malcolm Little’s parents, Earl and Louisa meet? What kind of people were they and what did they do?
2. What was Malcolm like as a child? How was he treated by his parents and his siblings?
3. What were some of the setbacks and tragedies that Earl and Louisa Little faced as they struggled to gain economic success?
4. How did the death of Earl Sr. and the Depression affect Louisa Langdon? How did Malcolm X feel about the plight of his mother?
5. What were the central tenets of Garveyism (UNIA)? What ideas might have most attracted the Earl and Louisa Little?
6. How did Earl Sr. die? What were the circumstances concerning his death?
7. How was Ella supporting herself in Boston? How did Malcolm feel about his eldest sister
8. Who was Laura/Gloria? What was Malcolm’s relationship to her?
9. What was the zoot suit and what did wearing the zoot suit symbolize for Malcolm and the young people of his generation?
10. What was the conk and what was its significance? Describe how the conk is accomplished and what this new look meant for Malcolm X.
11. Who was Bea Caragulian/Sophia? How did they meet and what was Malcolm’s relationship to her?
12. How did Malcolm X avoid serving in the American military during World War II?
13. Why did Malcolm gravitate to the “ghetto” section of Roxbury?
14. Describe the world of the Roseland Ballroom including the people that Malcolm met there and the activities that he participated in?
15. What was the Lindy Hop and what was its cultural significance?


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