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Writing Prompt
Your analysis should display an understanding of what motivated artists at this time to explore abstraction (why would they choose to paint in this style, rather than in a more representational fashion?)
How does your chosen artist’s work reflect a theme from early 20th Century Modern Art?
Each of these artists had highly individual styles, and several invented their own “-isms”. Say a few words about what made their approaches unique.
You can also do some additional research on the artist or artwork you choose to give you more background, but please don’t rely too heavily on outside sources to achieve the word count.
Color and Value are also key formal elements with these artists. Apply your knowledge from the earlier lectures by choosing one of the following questions to discuss in your analysis:
Describe the overall value pattern of the work.
What color scheme does the artist use for this work (Analogous, Complimentary or Polychromatic)?
How are the color schemes used to render the subject matter (Local, Perceptual, Optical, or Arbitrary)?
You can also build on the other formal language we’ve developed so far, that may include the artist’s use of line, composition,or depth.
Image Choices
Edvard Munch, Anxiety, 1894 (
Alexej von Jawlensky, Portrait Of Alexander Sakharoff, 1909 (
Ernst Kirchner, Dance School, 1914 (
Wassily Kandinsky, Improvisation, Deluge, 1913 (
Franz Marc, Fighting Forms, 1914 (
Hilma af Klint, Altarpiece No. 1, Group X, 1915 (
Kazimir Malevich, Suprematism, 1915 (
Piet Mondrian, Broadway Boogie-Woogie, 1942-43 (
Georgia O’Keeffe, Oriental Poppies, 1927 (
Giacomo Balla, Abstract Speed+Sound, 1913-1914 (
Constantin Brancusi, Bird in Space, 1928 (*
Naum Gabo, Head No. 2, 1916 (*
Alberto Giacometti, Walking Man, 1960 (*
*These three works are sculptures. If you choose one of these works to write about instead of answering the question about color and value instead discuss the material properties of the work and its sense of texture. Also, make sure to consider what it might be like to move around the work in actual space, and how the changing perspective might inform the work’s effect.
Technical Guidelines
Your submission should be in 400+word range, or one solid paragraph.
You do not have to include the image file in your submission but do state the artist and title of the piece you choose to write about in your first sentence or as a title at the top.


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